Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Aspects of Contemporary Indian Art

As wealth creation increases in the emerging markets of India and China the wealthy are looking for new avenues of investment and pleasure. Traditionally the rich of India invested primarily in gold and property. Over the last century a portion of the assets of the wealthy have gone into company shares and financial institutions. However there is a limit to how much one can invest in property and gold. Beyond the possession of a couple of properties the management and upkeep of land and building becomes an encumbrance. Money kept in banks and shares has its attendant risks especially in these times of inflation, distressing national and private debts. Therefore, with growing wealth, the rich in India have begun exploring other avenues of investment. An investment in art has emerged as one of these options. It is new to India albeit traditional in the already developed economies. These investors seek not just global works of art but also homegrown ones. To meet the need new artists are emerging that are producing quality art objects and paintings.