Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Online Debates - Share Views, Opinions and Knowledge

Online debating platforms have emerged as the preferred destination for people wanting to have their say on issues affecting their daily lives. Whether it is to question current trends or share one's opinion on a burning national issue online debating platforms provide with the best debating stage.

Everyone sees life in their own way. People gather knowledge, experience and opinions as they move forward in their lives. When they come across a counter view, they want to question it, put their view forward, and in some cases are even curious enough to explore the others' side. A debate gives people the opportunity to do all this in the right manner. And when the World changed to the World Wide Web, the debate floor was transformed into an online debating platform.

Debating is a healthy way of expressing your thoughts while getting a glimpse of the bigger story too. For instance, the rising fuel prices concerns all of us. People would want to blame the ruling authorities, but on an online debate site, they may come across people giving them the other side of the story- the international pressures dictating fuel prices or the pressures on government to increase the prices. This way, people not only get to hear what others have to say about a situation affecting them, but can also put forward their side of the story in the best manner possible.

It is worth a mention here, that there are some prestigious debating websites out there which are frequented by option formers and thinkers. People that are instrumental in policy making and influencing government decisions also use the platform to express their views. If you get the opportunity to get on one such platform and have your say or get view across to the leading thinkers, then the purpose of debating is more than fulfilled. Your view/experience and opinion has reached people who have the power to do something about it.

Leaders, opinion formers and thinkers value public opinion. They are always interested in knowing the impact of their policies, decisions on the people. That is why when you comment on a view point expressed by an influencer, they make a note of it. They document how you feel about an issue and this is their way of gathering public opinion. You can never know if what you have to say on an issue can really help make things better. You have the knowledge and experience backing your views, and maybe the opinion formers may see the loophole you want to draw their attention too.

You have seen life at close quarters. You know about things and the ways of people. Do not hesitate to express your views. Get on an online debating platform and share your view on the issues being discussed their. Tell people your beliefs and show them the other side of things. You never know when an opinion former might convey your views/ideas to the policy makers who consult him.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Impact of 20th Century Wars on Immigration and Naturalization

One of the more interesting aspects of war, in retrospect, is the change in politics and populations which follow them. And in the aftermath of war, we often see major shifts in populations that arise from a number of factors including injuries and casualties, displaced residents or soldiers, re-drawn political boundaries or changes of statehood, as well as massive numbers of refugees as people often flee war torn areas.

Both world wars in the 20th century increased the number of refugees, creating a class of stateless people - many of whom were placed in internment camps. They were often considered undesirable and remained in an "illegal" situation. They could not return to the country that had expelled them and no other country would take them in for naturalization.